WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 3  1-30-15

WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 3 1-30-15

WACOPS Legislative Update 

January 30th, 2015

Third Week


 We are finishing our third week of the legislative session. New bills are still being introduced and committees are meeting regularly. Policy legislation must pass out of committee prior to February 20th so we are working on drafting legislation, getting hearings scheduled, testifying, and meeting one on one with legislators.

Alicia’s Law

Alicia’s Law, concerning the sexual exportation of minors, was heard in the Senate Law and Justice Committee on Monday (SB 5215) and in the House Public Safety Committee (HB 1281) on Friday. These bills have slightly different funding sources but our goal now is to get them passed out of the policy committees and into the fiscal committees where we can continue to work towards funding for the ICAC task force. This morning, WACOPS participated in a press conference with the sponsors of the bills, Senator Pam Roach and Representative David Sawyer and Alicia Kozakiewicz, for whom the bill is named. The testimony from this young woman about the importance of rescuing children from sexual abuse and exploitation

was concise and compelling and will greatly assist in getting this bill enacted into law. We would like to thank WACOPS Board member Scott Peters, Everett delegate Brett Gailey, and Kirkland delegate Allan O’Neill for attending today’s events.

Surviving Spouses 

Another bill that was heard this week is HB 1194, addressing the death benefits of a surviving spouse of a member of the LEOFF or WSP retirement system. This bill and its companion, SB 5246, were brought to the legislature through the LEOFF 2 Board. Several of the surviving spouses of officers killed in the line of duty were in Olympia on Tuesday to testify. Their heartfelt testimony brought tears to the eyes of several committee members and those of us in the audience that have sworn to never forget the sacrifices of our officers. Because of the fiscal impact of this bill, it will be referred to the Appropriations Committee when it passes out of the House Labor Committee.

Sheena’s Bill

HB 1448, responses to suicide threats, has been named the “Sheena and Chris Henderson Act” after a murder/suicide case in Spokane.  At the request of the sponsor, Rep. Riccelli, WACOPS testified at this hearing. Sheena’s father’s and friends’ testimony made an emotional impact on committee members. This bill is one of the numerous bills dealing with mental health that is being considered this year. We are hopeful that a comprehensive package will emerge to help address the complicated issues involved.

Brady List Bills

One of the things that WACOPS works hard at is getting bipartisan support of our issues. The sponsorship of one of our top priorities this year, the legislation that clarifies the use of the Brady lists in employment decisions, is a good example of how this strategy benefits you. HB 1512 is sponsored by Rep Sells (D-38) and Rep. Hayes (R-10) in the House and SB 5589 is sponsored by Sen. O’Ban (R-28) and Sen. Pederson (D-43) in the Senate. HB 1512 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Labor Committee on Tuesday.

 Bill Report

 Click here for the bill report. It shows the issues we are tracking so far this year. We appreciate your input and welcome suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We work for you and the greater input we get, the better we can represent you.

 Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to testify on a bill, please contact us at 1-800-887-2677 or using the information below. GO HAWKS!!

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