October 2018 Hot Sheet

October 2018 Hot Sheet

the Hot Sheet

Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers Association

P.O. Box 1805, Sumner, WA 98390

Website:  www.wsrdspoa.org



October 2018


Joe Dawson, King Co SO

Vice Presidents

West: Ralph Waddle, King Co SO

East: Don McCabe, Spokane Co SO


Stan Reider, Lincoln Co SO


Tina Waddle, King County

 Executive Board

West Members At Large:

   Ron Johnston, Tukwila PD; Doug Partlow, Tukwila PD; Mike Chaney, Des Moines PD

East Members At Large:

Bob McQueen, Tukwila PD; Diane Erickson, Spokane Co SO; Dennis Hooper, Spokane PD

Meeting Schedules

Puget Sound Area

1st Tues. of the Month 11:00AM 


Johnny’s At Fife Restaurant

5211 20 ST. E.

Fife, WA. 98424

Spokane County

Retired Sheriff Deputies, Employees and Spouses Association

1st Monday of the Month at 11:30AM 

Darcy’s Restaurant

10502 E Sprague Ave.

Spokane Valley, WA


Greetings Members!
The 2018 WSRDSPOA Convention has concluded and we got a lot done. The bylaws have been successfully improved. The vote was unanimous by the attendees at a special general meeting held on Saturday. They will be printed for the Executive Board and will be available for members on the Website in the future. Most of the changes were made to improve language, and to streamline the process of completing changes to the bylaws themselves. There have been descriptions of the changes in past issues of the Hot Sheet. Be advised the dues increase to $30 was approved. Also we have limited our “At Large Executive Member Positions”, to two East and two West, the Executive Board decided it was unnecessary and it didn’t bring in additional membership.
It’s time to nominate all elected Executives and Members At Large positions. If you wish to nominate someone for a position or have a desire to serve the Association, nominations are open. All Nominations must be turned in by October 20th.(ed) Our ballots will be mailed to those without computer access and emailed to those with computer email addresses. A new email ballot service was discovered by Vice President Don McCabe and will save a lot of postage money. This has been done to include more members in the voting process. The spouse of each member will also be given a better opportunity to vote, as they should have been all along. Please be sure that all members have their email in our address book. This will serve two functions; voting and the ability to contact members should the need arise.
Our Treasurer and West Vice President have decided to step aside. Both Tina and Ralph will be missed in those positions. But they have decided to move on. They will be attending meetings and will be around for advice. We are grateful for all the work they have done for the association these past years. This is a personal loss for me. Ralph and I graduated from the King County Sheriff’s academy in 1966 along with several other WSRDSPOA members. Good Grief! That’s a long time ago.
Stan Reider, our Secretary, will also be stepping down. Other obligations are filling out his busy schedule. We wish him the best and hope to see him at future meetings and activities. Good Luck Stan. You will be missed.
Diane Erickson will also be stepping down from her At Large Position. I know that Diane will be there to assist when she can but once again other obligations need more attention. Diane has spent many years on the board and will be missed. Thank you for your service.
Mike Chaney will be stepping down from his At Large position on the board. Mike will be missed at the meetings but hopefully will continue to attend our general meetings and the Convention.
As you can see there are several places where we need association leadership. We need to fill the positions now. Please understand! These positions require time and effort. Attendance at meetings is not all fun and games. While they are enjoyable they require attention and commitment and your effort.
It was decided to hold the 2019 Convention once again at the Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick. It’s not because we are an RV group. It’s because we are afforded a room to hold three meetings, have our potluck dinner, play games, or just gather in to exchange stories. There are hotels nearby that give us group discounts (I understand a substantial free breakfast is provided). Try to attend, even if just for a day, you might see some faces you haven’t seen in awhile.
I’d like to once again thank both Ronnie Johnston and Zbig Kasprzyk, the driving force behind getting the bylaws done. It has taken two years to accomplish this task. Hopefully with the new bylaws in place things can happen quicker.
Enjoy Your Retirement!

Joe Dawson


When I retired, four years ago, I joined WSRDSPOA, “The Old Cops”. (Silly me, and here I am, editor of this newsletter.) After checking the WSRDSPOA website and seeing that this is primarily a social group, I thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with old friends and also make many new ones. Most of us that retire don’t miss the job as much as we miss the camaraderie with our brothers and sisters in uniform. Yes, even detectives once wore uniforms. The monthly luncheons the east and west side host, are always fun and a great way to touch base with those that live close by.
For those of us that like to get away for a few days, either by trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome or motel, the annual Kennewick convention is really a super adventure. For golfers, the convention starts on a Thursday with a golf day. Apparently this is a friendly competition amongst the participants. Everyone comes back in one piece and smiling. That evening there is a “banquet dinner” at the golf course for everyone. The dinners have been delicious and well worth the price. For the rest of the weekend, there are a couple meetings in the mornings, one on Friday (General Membership), the other Saturday (Executive Board). Friday afternoon we all go out for lunch at the CG Public House restaurant. That evening we have a potluck dinner with everyone bringing their favorite dishes or desserts.
On Saturday afternoon we all go to El Porton for great Mexican food. Between all the eating we do there is lots of visiting that goes on. The folks that stay at the motels drop by and we all gather at different campsites to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for awhile. To me this is the best part of the convention, just being able to sit and visit with old friends is priceless.
The Columbia Sun RV Resort has been a great host for us providing the meeting room at no cost and discount pricing for our campers. A couple local hotels also give us group price breaks and are only a few minutes drive from the RV resort. The resort also has special camp activities all of us can participate in. On certain days there is delicious homemade ice cream and karaoke. There is a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning, and in the evening a wine and share event.
For those who attend, thank you, it was great seeing you all once again. For those who don’t attend, especially you LEOFF2 folks, I strongly urge you to take the time and come join us. After attending one of these you will wonder why you haven’t come before.
Next year’s convention is already scheduled for September 5-7, 2019 (Thursday-Saturday). Many of us arrive on the Wednesday before and stay till Sunday or better yet Monday, that way we aren’t fighting the Sunday traffic going home.
The only way our association will increase in numbers is if all of us get the word out to all our retired friends. If you enjoy the monthly lunches, Christmas dinners and the Convention, please get the word out. As they say, the more the merrier.
Zbig Kasprzyk


For veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam Honor Flight Network is something you all should check into. Honor Flight Network started out as a way to get WWII veterans to Washington DC to see the WWII war memorial. Honor Flight Network started out as two organizations with the same ideas, Honor Flight and HonorAir. This then morphed into Honor Flight Network which charters commercial aircraft to fly veterans to Washington DC. The veterans get to see the different war memorials as well as attend a banquet in their honor.
In Washington State we have two hubs, Spokane and Seatac. There are four flights a year leaving from Seatac. Right now WWII veterans and veterans with a terminal illness are given priority.
If you are a veteran or know of one and are interested in this program please check out their website for more information. The website is: www.honorflight.org. There is no cost to the veterans for this adventure.
Last April my wife, Kareen, and I were honored to help out as volunteers for one of the Seatac Honor Flights. What an unforgettable experience! As volunteers, early on a Saturday morning, we greeted the veterans as they arrived at the departure area at the airport. We either escorted them to the ticketing area or had someone from the Coast Guard escort them. We had a chance to visit with some of the vets and were thrilled to meet a WWII Army nurse and two Pearl Harbor survivors, all in their early nineties and very spry. The following Monday evening we welcomed the veterans as they came into the main concourse area of the airport. Every single vet had a huge smile on their face and told us how much they loved the trip. This was enough to bring tears to your eyes.
Zbig Kasprzyk


Thanks to Craig Baird (Ret. Yakima PD) it has come to our attention that all veteransthat left the military with an Honorable Discharge now have on line shopping privileges at the Army Air Force Exchange and the Navy Exchange, regardless of the veteran’s branch of service.  This privilege was granted last Veteran’s Day and those affected can create accounts at both exchanges.
To create an account, key in “the Exchange” and select from the pick list.  Click on “create an account” and follow the prompts.  Craig writes, “As I recall, it will ask for your full name and last four digits of your SS number.  Enter the information and you’re in!  It’s great to be able to shop online tax-free and with free, or very reasonable, shipping fees.”  
I’m sure every veteran recalls shopping for clothing, sporting goods, household supplies, etc. when they were serving on active duty.  Happy shopping! 
Army & Air Force (AAFES): www.shopmyexchange.com


For any of you who plan on flying with a weapon, the TSA has great information on their website to help you with the process. For this info please go to:
Gerry Drake, (Ret. King County SO) wrote the following, “Follow the items in the TSA link and you shouldn’t have any problems.  Remember that the ammunition must be in a case and not in magazines.  I’ve checked ammo in both the original package it was purchased in or in a plastic hard-side case.  
Most of the people you’ll have to deal with won’t be knowledgeable on guns but you may still have to show them it’s unloaded.  To quicken that process I usually field-strip my weapon (a Glock) and remove the slide & recoil spring.  I still had a lady working the ticket counter ask me “How can I tell if it’s unloaded?”  
It’s always a good idea to check with the airline you’re flying to make sure they permit firearms in checked baggage as some of the smaller ones don’t.
Have a nice trip.”  


Apparently there is a huge shortage for the non-generic Epipen. For those of you with allergies requiring this important medication there is another alternative out there for you to use. Have your Dr. write a prescription for “Adrenaclick”, they need to say “Substitution Allowed” and have the pharmacy order this generic form from Lineage Therapeutics. Apparently Costco can get it and you pay only $10. I’m not sure how current the Costco information is so please check before you go.



One of the things that were brought up at the convention was the possibility of a WSRDSPOA private Facebook page. This page would be private and only members of our association would be able to join. A couple of our members, Jim and Julia Knauss volunteered to start this up. Announcements will be coming out when this gets up and running. The idea of this Facebook page is to make it easier to be able to find friends and share thoughts and ideas. This will be a non-political page so please keep all political postings to yourselves.


No not those elections. Our elections. We will be voting for all officer positions for our association. Per the new bylaws, elections for all positions will be done every other year. There is also a slight change in our E-board. We went from six At Large positions, three east and three west, to four At Large positions, two east and two west. Per the new bylaws you must reside in the area you will represent. East Members at Large must live east of the Cascade Crest and west Members at Large must live west of the Cascade Crest. The rest of the E-board stays the same. President, East Vice President, West Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Per the new bylaws, anyone running for any of the three president positions must be a retired LEOFF member.
This election we have several very important vacancies to fill. We need nominations for West Vice President, Secretary and most important, Treasurer. We also have a vacancy at West Side Member at Large. If you are interested in running for any of the vacant or occupied positions, please let Joe Dawson or Don McCabe know as soon as possible.
Another big change will be how we vote. For anyone with an e-mail address, you will be able to vote on line. Those not on email, will still receive a ballot in the mail.
A quick reminder, every LEOFF 1 & 2 member and their spouse is eligibletovote in our elections.To help Don get e-mail ballots out to all members, please make sure that he has e-mail addresses for both the member and their spouse. If you share the same e-mail address, please let Don know.  


We all know how expensive utilizing the critical air transport services are in an emergency situation.  Ten, twelve, fifteen thousand dollars.
Members are encouraged to take a look at lifeflight.org and consider membership.
    • 1 Year ($65)
    • 2 Years ($120)
    • 5 Years ($275)
    • Lifetime ($1,100)
This is the cost for all at your residence, not per person.
It is a phenomenal deal that can save you thousands of dollars should you, or a member of your household, need to be airlifted in an emergency situation.  If you live in a small rural town you can be transported to a major medical center such as Spokane, Boise, Seattle, Portland. Coverage could include medical problems, not just an accident. Read the information on the site, but basically, for $65/year, all residents at your house are covered. Lifeflight will take whatever insurance you may have as FULL payment.  No out of pocket expenses for the air flight.  Your insurance may still have to pay for the controversial ambulance charge like from the landing pad at Harborview in Seattle, the ¼ block to the hospital. Be sure to check out all the details regarding coverage. 
Even those of you who are LEOFF 1 should consider it, as this is for all who live in the household, including spouses and significant others.  
Lifeflight Service area:
Lifeflight Network offers ICU-level care during air transport across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. EMS helicopters typically operate within a 175-mile radius of their base, but have the capability to fly longer distances. Fixed-wing aircraft can transport patients throughout the nation.



Suzanne (Renee) Padgett,

Trooper (#341/CVD) passed away this September at the age of 50, following a long and courageous battle with cancer.  Trooper Padgett was commissioned on December 20, 1991, with the 73rd Trooper Basic Training Class. Trooper Padgett spent her entire career within District 2, most recently assigned to the Commercial Vehicle Division as a Wrecking Yard Trooper.  Renee is survived by her wife Marcella, her son Gedeon, and her daughter Olivia.  
Steven L. Robinson, Steve passed away on September 7, 2018. Steve began his law enforcement career in 1973 with the Tukwila Police Department where he served through the ranks to Assistant Chief.  Steve tested for and was selected as Chief of Arlington, WA.  He remained there until his retirement in 2001.
Steve is survived by his wife Sue, daughter Kim and son Kevin. 
James (Jimmy) Teel, father-in-law of Trooper Mike Wells (CVD Wrecking Yard Trooper, Kennewick) passed away on September 12, 2018, in Yakima.  Jimmy was medically retired in 1974 after being shot during a wrecking yard inspection.  A celebration of life for Jimmy will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018, at 11:00 a.m. The celebration will take place at the home Jimmy shared with his wife of 50 years, Rosie.  The address is 11 Lyons Rd, White Salmon, Washington. Please join Jimmy’s family and friends as they celebrate and share memories of Jimmy’s life. Cards are welcome and appreciated.
Spencer Nelson, retired Detective Sgt. from King County SO passed away September 10. He was a member of the King County Sheriff’s Office from January 1972 till November 1993. His memorial service is planned for Saturday afternoon, October 20, 2018 at Christ for All Nations Church in Parkland (Tacoma).   The address is: 111 112th St E, Tacoma, WA 98445.


We have had a problem with members being “Unsubscribed” when they did not ask to be “Unsubscribed”.

I called Constant Contact and explained my problem of members being “Unsubscribed” without asking to be.  Their explanation is that when a member receives an email and wants to forward it to a friend, if for some reason, that friend hits the “Unsubscribe” button, the friend and the Member are “Unsubscribed”.

So, Constant Contact added a “Forward this Email” button.  It is located just below the “Green” block near the bottom of the email.  When you use this button to forward the email to a friend, if the friend were to “Unsubscribe”, it will not “Unsubscribe” you.  So you are strongly encouraged to use this new “Forward to a Friend” button.

So we will try that new button and see what happens.

If you want to “Unsubscribe”, please call or email me and I’ll take you off the mailing list.  I reiterate, Please do not use the “SafeUnsubscribe” button.   



How do you get onto the website? Our website is:   www.wsrdspoa.org 
You need a Username and I will assign one to you.
You also will be assigned a temporary Password.
After you login, we recommend that you to go to “Profile” and change your Password. Look for the Black Bar at top of the window – right side says “Howdy, …”  Now look to left side – it shows icon of “house & WSRDSPOA” – put mouse icon over WSRDSPOA – a drop-down window shows Dashboard – click on Dashboard.
Dashboard opens along left side – click on “Profile”.
Scroll down and make your changes – scroll to bottom and click on Blue box “Update Profile”.  That should do it. This should work for adding your picture too.
If you have any trouble getting on to the website or have any questions, email or call me. Don McCabe – email: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509 951-0399.


TIME for 2019 DUES

Your annual WSRDSPOA Dues are NOW $30.00 per year.
Please send your $30 check to:
P.O. Box 1805
Sumner, WA 98390
So how do I find my dues date?
For those who still receive the Hot Sheet via US Postal Service – check the mailing label for the year of your last dues payment.(It is suppose to be above your name) 
In order to check your dues date, log onto the website – www.wsrdspoa.org
Look for the Black bar across the top. Go to ” Howdy, (Your name)” at top right. See Dropdown window.
Go to “Edit My Profile” & Click.
Scroll down and on the left side you should see “Member Dues” & Year.
If you see 2015 or 2016 you owe dues. If you see 2017 or higher – you do not owe dues. Yes, you can pay up a few years ahead, but five or ten years is not necessary.
Besides, it does not guarantee you will live that long.  (If you have trouble logging onto the website – please email me: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509-951-0399)
As a last resort only, you can call or email our Treasurer Tina Waddle – 253-863-9188 or tew1215@hotmail.com and she will check her records.



Joe Dawson, Presidentjsdawson@comcast.com  or call (425) 392-4361 (C) (206) 817-8376
Ralph Waddle, Vice President West Sidedeputyduck2@comcast.net  or call (253) 863-9188 (C) (243) 241-0729
Don McCabe, Vice President East Side & Website Administratordon.mccabe41@gmail.com  or (509) 951-0399
Stan Reider, Secretary: standyr@mail.asisna.com or call (509) 725-3721 (C) 509 721-0765
Tina Waddle, Treasurertew1215@hotmail.com  or call (253) 863-9188
Ronnie Johnston, West Side Executive Board Member:  r7t9@aol.com or call (206) 595-6819
Doug Partlow, West Side Executive Board Memberdougpart@aol.com or call (509) 698-4648
Mike Chaney, West Side Executive Board Member6dmike@comcast.net or call (253) 926-0760
Bob McQueen, East Side Executive Board Member:  BMcqu98092@aol.com  or call (425) 445-2997
Diane Erickson, East Side Executive Board Memberderickson024@gmail.com or call (509) 255-9156
Dennis Hooper, East Side Executive Board Memberderickson024@gmail.com or call (509) 255-9156
Zbig Kasprzyk, Hot Sheet Editor, zkkasprzyk@gmail.com or call (360 825-2892


Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs & Police Officers Association


Today’s Date _________________
NAME __________________________ SPOUSE ______________________________
ADDRESS ___________________CITY _______________STATE _____ZIP_______
Phone (___)____-______ Retired from (Dept) ________________________________
Retirement Date _____LEOFF1 _ LEOFF 2 _ Surviving Spouse _ Associate Member Hobbies, Activities, Comments about family etc:
E-mail address ______________________________________________
I agree ____ to add my e-mail address to the association directory which list only Name, e-mail and Dept.
Sponsored by: _________________________________________________
Renewal _____ New member _____ Annual Dues payment: ___$30.00 – Payable January 1st each year.
____Associate Member: $30.00 NOTE – Associate members must be approved by the Executive Board
Make checks payable to W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A. Mail to: P.O. Box 1805 Sumner, WA 98390
Questions? Send e-mail to don.mccabe41@gmail.com or a letter to the above address, or call
509 951-0399 (we will return your call)