Hot Sheet March 2016

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Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers Association
P.O. Box 1805, Sumner, WA 98390
Website:  www.wsrdspoa.org
March 2016
Mike Clements, Richland PD
Vice Presidents
West: Ralph Waddle, King Co SO
East: Don McCabe, Spokane Co SO
Stan Reider, Lincoln Co SO
Tina Waddle, King County
 Executive Board
West Members At Large:
   Ron Johnston, Tukwila PD; Doug Partlow, Tukwila PD; Mike Chaney, Des Moines PD
East Members At Large:
Felix Ramon, Grant Co SO; Diane Erickson, Spokane Co SO; Dennis Hooper, Spokane PD
Meeting Schedules
Puget Sound Area
2nd Tues. of the Month 11:00AM 
Black Bear Diner
32065 Pacific Hwy S
Federal Way, WA
Spokane County
Retired Sheriff Deputies, Employees and Spouses Association
1st Monday of the Month at 11:30AM 
Darcy’s Restaurant
10502 E Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA
Executive Board Meeting
Eastside Board Meeting
Darcy’s Restaurant
10502 E Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA
Tuesday, April 6
West side Board Meeting & Dinner
***NEW DATE***
Muckleshoot Casino Tuesday, June 7
4:00 P.M.
September 16 -18 2016
Kennewick, WA
W.R.S.D.S.P.O.A. LEOFF II Membership

The W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A. is, by its Bylaws a social organization. Many of us have worked side by side with LOEFF II officers before retiring. There were no Issues with the job or performance with these officers during this period of time. The only real problems occurred with some of the political actions that mistakenly threatened the LEOFF I Health Care Program that was attempted by some LEOFF II organizations. These attempts were thwarted by the efforts of LEOFF I Organizations such as the Retired Seattle Police Officers Association, the LEOFF I Coalition and others. Several of the organizations supporting the protection of the LEOFF I Health Care Program contain LEOFF II Members that had no knowledge or interest in changing the programs as they stood then or are in force today. By including LEOFF II members in our association we will increase our Washington State voting numbers and increase our voice in Olympia. I encourage you to consider the inclusion of LEOFF II members as full, voting members in our association. Also consider donating to the LEOFF I Coalition. They are a defending organization for our retirement program and our healthcare benefits.

Joe Dawson
Past President
How do I contact my Legislator?
This is a pretty important time for us LEOFF folks, in the following pages you will find two important bills making their way through the process. They need your response ASAP! To contact your legislator all you have to do is go to: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx or those of you without internet you can send a brief message to your district legislators through the in-state toll-free Hotline number:
**SB-6668 Update 2/29/2016**
Once again the State of Washington is making a run at the LEOFF 1 retirement system. Everyone, whether we are LEOFF 1 or LEOFF 2, need to pay close attention to this bill and make your voices heard in Olympia. This is where we can come together and fight for each other, the more voices heard the better. LEOFF 2, if you think this doesn’t affect you just look into the not so distant future and this could be the state going after the LEOFF 2 pension system. Please read the article below, it was written by Jerry Taylor and posted on the leoff1.net web site. We want to thank Jerry on his vigilance in Olympia.      LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 1-800-562-6000
1) Merger will result in two underfunded systems.

The latest funding figures are from the 2014 Valuation. In that document TRS 1 is funded at only 69%.  In contrast LEOFF 1 is funded at 127%.  The LEOFF 1 plan is one of the healthiest plans in the state and even the nation.  In contrast, TRS 1 is one of the worst funded systems.  If this bill passes, LEOFF 1 will cease to be fully funded as the combined plans would be only 87%.  And, that would be after injecting $5.5 billion of LEOFF 1 funds into TRS 1.

It should be noted that as of the 2004 valuation LEOFF 1, with 7,900 members, had $5.5 billion in assets whereas TRS 1 with 35,800 had $6.3 billion in assets.
It makes no sense to move a perfectly healthy pension system into deficit.  In fact, it is irresponsible and a violation of the duty of our elected officials to look after the interests of the citizens.
2) Teachers and Fire Fighters and Police Officers are different.

Teachers are charged with educating our children.  They work nine months a year in that effort.  Of course they are burdened with other responsibilities but many have the opportunity to generate extra income or increase their professional status during the summer recess period.  Their job is inside a building and generally safe from attack.  We do not mean to suggest they have a lighter burden, but they certainly have a different work schedule and different duties.

Contrast that with a fire fighter.  We have to staff our fire departments 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  We expect our fire fighter to be highly trained and physically able to endure difficult situations.  We expect our fire fighter to run into a burning building while we expect our teachers to usher our children out of a burning building.  The physical toll on fire fighters is extraordinary.  Most of them can count of diminished health in their senior years occasioned to some degree from the physical demands of their job.  Fire Fighters are heroes.  They keep us safe.

Law Enforcement Officers also must work on the 24/7 staffing mode.  Most of their work involves being in the elements.  We put tremendous demands of them to always perform their jobs with perfection and even threaten them with disciple and even criminal prosecution if they fail.  Like the Fire Fighter, Police Officers run toward trouble not away from it.  And police officers frequently die providing the services demanded by the citizens.  It is stressful and dangerous but it is also essential, as society cannot exist without public safety.  Police Officers are heroes.  They keep us safe.

The reason public safety pensions are separate from other pension systems is that government has traditionally recognized that the service provided by our police and fire services are unique and demand special construction.  Simply looking at the funding status of our public safety pensions clearly shows that the State has recognized the special situation relative to police and fire.  Our legislature has funded these public safety pensions while leaving our teachers to languish in deficit.
It is shameful that government would even consider turning its back on those who have dedicated their entire working life to protecting our citizens.
3) A plan already exists to take TRS out of deficit. 
TRS 1 has a funding plan that will take it out of deficit by 2027.  The contribution rates need to do that are already in the law and have already been passed by the legislature.  Nothing further needs to be done.
4) A money grab.
So, if the plans are so different and the formula for healing TRS 1 is already in place, why do the merger?  The answer is it is not really about making TRS 1 healthy.  That plan is already in place.  It is about getting money for the state coffers.

LEOFF 1 has been in surplus since 1999.  In fact the pension contributions for LEOFF 1 were eliminated in 2000.  It has been clear since 2000 that various legislators and other agencies wanted access to that surplus.  Two bills were proposed to take money out of the system. The first bill would have taken $200 million out of the system to be used for non-pension items. The second bill in 2001 was SB 6166, which would have terminated LEOFF 1 with the state taking all the funds.  Both of these attempts failed.  They failed because they would not stand up to the law.  It is simply illegal to take pension money.  It is illegal under contract law and under IRS rules.

Then came HB 2068 in 2010 attempting to merger LEOFF 1 into LEOFF 2.  That failed.  Then came HB 2097 attempting the same thing again.  It also failed.  The underlying goal was to get the LEOFF 1 surplus under the control of the LEOFF 2 board.  That would have created a situation where funding would be available for enhanced benefits for LEOFF 2.  A token $85 million would have been freed up for the legislature by a change in state contributions.

Traditionally the legislature has gotten its hands on the money not by taking it by rather by changing the contribution scheme.  That is because it is illegal to take it.  In 2000 the legislature freed up funds by eliminating LEOFF 1 pension contributions.  So they have already had their bite of the apple and they should not be allowed another.

This new merger proposal is not so much a repair of TRS 1 as it is a freeing up of money that can stay in the state coffers.  They lower the employer contribution rates to 4.24% from the currently projected 5.75% and save $75 million in the last four months of 2016 and over $243 million in the 2017-2019 budget.  Additional savings for local government would be $31 million in 2016 and $100 million in 2017-2019.  And, that rate of savings continues and grows through 2012 with the state getting $1.5 billion and local government $600 million for a total of over $2 billion.  Of course it is a money grab.
5) Deprives Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters of fair representation.

Over the years numerous changes and adjustments have been made to the LEOFF 1 system.  Almost all of these have been housekeeping measures to correct errors in the law or to add a new benefit that had no fiscal impact.  For example post retirement spouse coverage.  We have been able to make these corrections because LEOFF 1 member could directly approach the legislature for redress or consideration.

One of the primary objections to the proposed LEOFF 1/LEOFF 2 merger bills is that or position in a much larger group under control of a board populated almost entirely of LEOFF 2 members would not be responsive to LEOFF 1 needs.  Hence we would be under represented.

The proposed merger would merge 35,825 TRS 1 members with 7,870 LEOFF 1 members.  LEOFF 1 would comprise only 18% of the membership and our ability to influence the TRS membership would be severely limited.  This would not be so much of a problem if the pensions and benefits were truly similar.  But they are not similar and LEOFF 1 membership would not have fair representation. Oh, one should all look at the money.  The 7,870 LEOFF 1 members would put in $5.5 billion while the 35,825 TRS 1 members would put in only $6.4 billion.  LEOFF 1 would put in 46% and get only an 18% representation.
6) Developed in secret.

It appears obvious that this bill was not developed on a bar napkin and then submitted to the legislature the next day.  It is a bit complicated and structured so as to create a sense of continuing to provide all existing benefits and just taking away the money.  The legislators that developed this bill know who the LEOFF 1 leaders are.  We have all been in Olympia frequently and Dick Warbrouck has been there almost every day. It seems extremely arrogant that they would not discuss the proposal with the stakeholder before crafting the bill.  I guess it means they thought we would object.  Well, they were right there.

Of course this is not new.  Efforts so make changes in the pension often come this route.  The bill is dropped at the last possible minute in the session with no notice.  It is a direct violation of their own rules and the requirement that pension bills first go to the Select Committee on Pension Policy.
7) Proposed $5,000 payment is grossly inadequate.
The bill seems to recognize how unfairly the LEOFF 1 members are being treated in this proposal.  It attempts to mitigate that unfairness by granting to each LEOFF 1 members a one-time payment of $5,000.  This is in exchange for $1.2 billion dollars in surplus.  Hardly a fair deal and not likely to gain many endorsements from LEOFF 1 members.  The payment would amount to $39 million and would not alter the funding status of the combined fund.  Without the payment the TRS 1 funding status would go from 69% to 87%.  With the payout it would still be 87%. So why not make an offer that might attract some interest, say $50,000?  That amounts to $394 million dollars.  Not so bad in exchange for $1.2 billion.  The funding status after such a payout – 84%.
By Jerry Taylor
Published on 02/29/2016
**SB-6668 Update 3/11/2016**
As most of you know the Senate has been trying to get a bill through to merge LEOFF 1 and TRS 1. As of right now, and things are changing by the minute, SB6668 has not completely disappeared. As you know Governor Inslee has called a special session, which still gives the senate time to try and ram this through. Please read the information below and make sure to contact your representatives and let them know what you think about this bill. I know many of you, including a lot of LEOFF 2 folks, have already done so. Please keep up with those e-mails and phone calls, they do work.

As the day progressed, word came down that SB-6668 was dead.  The Senate came up with a budget deal that did not involve SB-6668.  Senator John Braun, Chairman of the Senate Ways & Means Committee and proponent of SB-6668 wanted LEOFF 1 members to know that the bill was dead.

Thank you to all members who wrote, emailed or called their Legislators.



ESB 5873 was passed by both House and Senate and went to Governor Inslee to sign. My understanding is that this is one of 27 bills as of now that were vetoed by the governor as punishment to the legislature for not passing a budget.
Did You Know

Wasp and Hornet Spray

While around the home, the use of a can of Wasp and Hornet spray can be a very useful defense item. The spray will usually shoot about 15 to 20 feet and if sprayed in the face will require medical attention. This far exceeds the range a can of mace or pepper spray and water will not diminish the effects. This will provide time to escape and may result in further law enforcement action. (Less expensive too.)

Home and Personal Security
Recently members have expressed concern over home invasion robberies and attacks on the elderly. In an effort to update self-defense and deterrent actions that we can take we have been provided with the following suggestions.
Key Fob Panic Button
Many retirees do not carry a firearm while carrying on with their daily routines. During these times it has been suggested that a deterrent to being accosted or attacked while traveling from stores, theaters or the gym to your vehicle while in a parking lot that we carry our keys in our hand. If you have one of the key fob type alarm systems you can attract attention to a confrontation by using the panic alarm feature that will continually honk your horn. This will usually cause an attacker to leave.
As well, the car alarm system can be used while at home or in an RV by attracting the attention of neighbors or other campers/RVers that will witness suspicious activities near you. So! Keep your keys handy.
Your keys can also be used as a weapon to gouge the face or other parts of the body in a physical confrontation.
Some Helpful Info for LEOFF 1 Folks
LEOFF I Medical Benefits
It’s important to remember that your medical benefits are paid for, by law, by your employer. The LEOFF I Disability Board approves or disapproves treatments for injuries or illnesses LEOFF I members may experience.   This also includes medications. Often employers contract with insurance companies to process various medications prescribed by a LEOFF I member’s physician. Some will disapprove a medication attempting to have a generic or other medication. Remember once a drug is prescribed unless you or the Disability Board approve a substitute insurance companies must comply with the prescription. If this happens contact your employer’s LEOFF I Benefits Coordinator.
In-Home Care
Questions routinely arise regarding in-home care for LEOFF I Retirees. Often the recovery of a patient improves if they are allowed with treatment in their home. Others require more intense treatment. If we can prove that recovery is more beneficial at home the Disability Board will approve the treatments at home. Once again work through the Disability Board for approval. Make contact with your Disability Board Representative for advice.
WSRDSPOA Membership  
Occasionally there still seems to be a misunderstanding about membership. We are still getting notes with your dues saying here is a check for “my husband’s dues”. Remember the dues are for both of you. When you sign up for membership both you and your spouse automatically become members of this fine organization. 
Qualifications for Retired Officer, HR-218, will be held on
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
0900 – 1400 hours
Spokane Police Academy Range
2302 N. Waterworks
Spokane, WA 99212
This qualification is FREE of charge for ALL retired officers
AMMUNITION is not included
FREE lunch will be provided again from 1200 to 1300 hrs.
To reserve a shooting time or for further information contact:
Bob Bro at: blakob@comcast.net
(509) 953-5066               fax (509) 448-9639


 How do you get onto the website? Our website is:   www.wsrdspoa.org
You need a Username and I will assign one to you.
You also will be assigned a temporary Password.
After you login, we recommend that you to go to “Profile” and change your Password. Look for the Black Bar at top of the window – right side says “Howdy, …”  Now look to left side – it shows icon of “house & WSRDSPOA” – put mouse icon over WSRDSPOA – a drop-down window shows Dashboard – click on Dashboard.
Dashboard opens along left side – click on “Profile”.
Scroll down and make your changes – scroll to bottom and click on Blue box “Update Profile”.  That should do it. This should work for adding your picture too.
If you have any trouble getting on to the website or have any questions, email or call me. Don McCabe – email: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509 951-0399.
Your annual WSRDSPOA Dues are still $20.00 per year.
Please send your $20 check to:
P.O. Box 1805
Sumner, WA 98390
So how do I find my dues date?
For those who still receive the Hot Sheet via US Postal Service – check the mailing label for the year of your last dues payment.
In order to check your dues date, log onto the website – www.wsrdspoa.org
Look for the Black bar across the top. Go to ” Howdy, (Your name)” at top right. See Dropdown window.
Go to “Edit My Profile” & Click.
Scroll down and on the left side you should see “Member Dues” & Year.
If you see 2013 or 2014 you owe dues. If you see 2015 or higher – you do not owe dues. Yes, you can pay up a few years ahead, but five or ten years is not necessary.
Besides, it does not guarantee you will live that long.  (If you have trouble logging onto the website – please email me: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509-951-0399)
As a last resort only, you can call or email our Treasurer Tina Waddle – 253-863-9188 or tew1215@hotmail.com and she will check her records.
With WA State Legislature in session, now is not the time to get cut off for not paying your dues. Those who have a dues date of 2014 will be cutoff by April 30, 2016.
Around the Beat:
Welcome! Our newest members to join are:
Ron & Peggy Brookshire, Ron is retired LEOFF 1 from the Walla Walla Police Department and loves to go 4 wheeling and wood work.
Allen & Jennie Foster, Allen is retired LEOFF 1 from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department and loves to hunt, fish and reload.
Donald (Doc) Dougherty Sr., Doc is retired LEOFF 2 from the King County Sheriff’s Office and is into home brewing, baking, golfing, target and skeet shooting.
Kevin & Debi Klason, Kevin is retired LEOFF 2 from the King County Sherriff’s Office and loves road trips on his motorcycle, golf and elk camp (ed. note: can’t quite call it hunting).
Russ & Dianna Patterson, Russ is retired LEOFF 2 from the King County Sheriff’s Office. I know Russ loves to shoot and is into guns. Dianna is still dispatching for King County.
Brad & Cheryl Thompson, Brad is retired LEOFF 2 Major from the King County Sheriff’s Office and loves motorcycles and road trips with them.
David Zanghi, Dave is retired LEOFF 2 from the King County Sheriff’s Office.
Dave spends some of his time organizing the Wednesday morning coffee club at Ritrettos in Maple Valley.
Joe Purcell says “Hi All” he and his bride, Melanie are still in the private investigation business and are very busy. They actually bought a second PI business, so they definitely are busy. They still spend time at their second house in Desert Aire and love to go golfing and boating.
Rich Krogh says ‘Hi’ and thanks to Tina & Ralph for all they do with our association.
Mel Woods says he is adjusting to his assisted living ‘life’ and sends warm wishes to all. Also kudos to Jenny Chung, who “worked her magic to make the move happen”.
Doc Dougherty is busy supporting the US Women’s Rowing team where in 2015 his daughter won two gold medals at the world rowing championships. GO USA!!
Frank Atchley says ‘HI’ and thanks for all your dedicated hard work.
John and JoAnn Simmons say keep up the good work and “enjoy your winters!!”, also thanks for being there for us old retired types.
Gil and Katherine Ackerman say thanks for all you do.

Jo and Bob Hutchinson say thanks for the good year and looking for a better one in 2016!

Members injured in Missoula, MT.
Judy and Woody Inslee were returning home from a Christmas visit with family in Seattle and were involved in a traffic accident after flying back to Missoula, MT. Apparently were being transported by shuttle Bus to their vehicle for the drive 40 miles to their home in Victor, Mt. Judy and Woody were reportedly ejected from the shuttle during the collision. Judy sustained minor injuries however Woody was knocked out and transported to the hospital. Reportedly a Holiday Inn shuttle was involved in an accident on the way to the airport on Dec 29 after colliding with an SUV.  Five people in the shuttle were injured. The Montana Highway Patrol reports that a Ford SUV attempted to make a left hand turn and collided with a Holiday Inn Express shuttle that was heading toward Missoula. There were five people in the SUV, and three people in the shuttle. A recent call from Judy was received by Jim Brevig, who reports that Judy sounded good despite her broken wrist. Woody has been moved from ICU to a rehab facility in Missoula. They have received many messages on their email and numerous phone calls. Judy wanted to extend her appreciation to everyone who has sent them. She wanted everyone to know that as soon as she gets more organized she intends to acknowledge everyone for their outstanding support. She has contacted an attorney that they feel comfortable with and that was a big relief. She has her daughters with her who will be helping with the matters at hand.

Vern Thomas. Sadly, we have learned of the passing of former King County Sheriff Vern Thomas.  It is our understanding that he had been ill for a time and passed away this last Saturday, January 30th at the age of 88.  He is survived by his son and daughter, (his wife having passed away sometime within the past 5 years). Sheriff Thomas served with Seattle Police Department for 32 years,  he was then appointed as the King County Sheriff by former Executive Randy Revelle on April 18, 1983. Thomas served as Sheriff until December of 1987 and retired to the Port Angeles area.  One of his notable achievements was the formation of the Green River Task Force in 1984 in an attempt to solve mounting homicides south of Seattle.No services are planned and if anyone would like to make a contribution in Vern’s name, they suggested it be directed to any association that has something to do with law enforcement (such as the SHERIFF’s Fund, Seattle Police Department Guild, Relief Association, Retired Officers Association, etc.).

Harold Gauntlet has passed away. Retired Major Gauntlet, King Co S.O., moved out of state after retiring. He was the Commander of the Traffic Unit, Search and Rescue Unit Marine Patrol and the Sheriffs Reserve Divers and other early Special Operations before becoming the Commander of the Southeast Precinct. No information has been received about the date of his retirement.

Kevin Patrick O’Shaughnessy retired King Co. S.O. passed away in Coos Bay, OR on January 14th, 2016 at the age of 66. When he was seven years old, Kevin moved from Vancouver B.C. with his family to Seattle, where he graduated from Queen Anne High School and went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Washington and study criminal justice at Seattle University. In his life, Kevin loved his family, his many rescued pets, and the time he spent as a King County

police officer working with his K9 partner, Jake. In 1981, while they were tracking a robbery suspect in Black Diamond, Jake leapt ahead and took three bullets to the body, shielding Kevin – who was also hit twice on the upper body – and effectively saved his partner’s life in the process. The two recovered together, and were awarded the department’s medal of valor and blue star awards. They went on to enjoy many more years as partners on the home front. Kevin spent his last several years living in Coos Bay, OR where he loved to spend time on the water in his crabbing boat and volunteering at the local Visitor’s Center. He taught at the local prison, he became a certified diver and he spent a lot of time traveling to visit beautiful diving locations and to see his daughters and their families in Arizona and Washington, DC.

Kevin Johannes. Kevin was 51 years old, a Marine, and had been with the King County Sheriff’s Office for just short of 27 years.  He was a sergeant for almost 16 years. Right now we don’t have any further information.  Please keep Kevin’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.  What a terrible loss.

Marty Joy. Memorial Services for retired King County Sgt. Marty Joy will be held at 12:00 on Wednesday March 9th at Washington Memorial Park in Sea-Tac. Address: 16445 International Blvd, Sea-Tac, WA 98188. Burial will be at 12:30 PM on Friday April 22ndat Tahoma National Cemetery. Address: 18600 SE 240th St, Kent, WA 98042. RIP proud Marine & Deputy Sheriff.


 From the Treasurer

Each year we purge our membership list. If you are in arrears for two years or moreyou are dropped from our records.  Last year we purged 2013 and had a banner year – only 19 members dropped!  If you last paid for 2014 your dues will be considered delinquent as of April 30.  Dues are still only $20.00 for member and spouse both, send checks to: PO Box 1805 Sumner, WA 98390.  Please include any changes in address, phone or e-mail. The year you are paid through can be found on the WSRDSPOA web page, or if you receive the Hot Sheet by USPS it is printed on your address label.  Contact Tina if you have a question, I’m happy to check our records for you. tew1215@hotmail.com  253-863-9188.



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