WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 9  3/13/15

WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 9 3/13/15

WACOPS Legislative Update 

March 13th, 2015

Week Nine

Week 9 saw the arrival of the famous Capitol Campus cherry blossoms. More importantly, this Wednesday was the house of origin cut off day. It was the last day for the legislature to consider bills in their house of origin. It is a cutoff that kills many “good little bills”. Fortunately, many of WACOPS’ priority bills are still alive. Below is a status report of our bills.

Status of Bills


Brady List: HB 1512 – We are currently working on securing a hearing on the Brady List bill in the Senate Law & Justice Committee.

Fish & Wildlife: SB 5763 – The Fish & Wildlife collective bargaining bill passed out of the Senate on a 44-4-1 vote. The bill was amended in the Senate to remove interest arbitration but there are efforts to further amend the bill. The bill received a hearing in the House on Wednesday, the 12th.

Criminal Justice

Alicia’s Law: SB 5215 – HB 1281 – The House version of Alicia’s Law had a Senate hearing on the 12th. The Senate version is currently set for a House hearing on Monday, the 16th. We are working with both sponsors to arrive at legislation that supports the ICAC Task Force and investigator training.

DOC: SB 5783 – The bill that authorizes officers to assist DOC with supervision of offenders has a hearing on the 17th and is scheduled for executive session on the 20th.

Sheena and Chris Henderson’s Law: HB 1448 – The bill affecting suicide response procedures is set for a Senate hearing on the 17th.


Spousal Death Benefit: HB 1194 – The bill was referred to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee and hasn’t yet been scheduled for a hearing. The bill generated a large fiscal note which is worrisome given the difficult fiscal environment.

Deferred Comp: SB 5435 – The bill was never pulled to the Senate floor and died in the Rules committee.

PEBB: HB 1740 – This bill would permit counties and political subdivisions with fewer than 5,000 employees join the Public Employees’ Benefits Board (PEBB) health care program. It passed out of the House with a 92-6-0 vote and was referred to the Senate Health Care Committee.

LEOFF 1: SB 5873 – This bill would afford LEOFF 1 retirees an open window to choose spousal survivor benefits. It passed out of the Senate with a 49-0-0 vote and was referred to the Appropriations Committee.

Congressman Derek Kilmer

 A group of WACOPS members met with Congressman Derek Kilmer (WA-6) on Tuesday to discuss local law enforcement issues. The discussion covered topics including staffing issues, the effectiveness of federal grant programs, and federal-local agency relations. The Congressman was a strong WACOPS supporter when he served in the Washington State Senate and continues to support our issues from his new post in Washington, DC.

 Bill Report

 Click here for the bill report.

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