WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 8  3/3/15

WACOPS Legislative Update – Week 8 3/3/15

WACOPS Legislative Update 

March 3rd, 2015

Week Eight
Week 8 has come to a close and our priority bills are doing well. Another cutoff date looms, the cutoff date for hearing bills in their house of origin is this Wednesday, March 11th. We are now working on securing new hearings in the House and Senate.

Brady List
Great news for our top priority bill regarding the use of Brady Lists in officer discipline! HB 1512 passed out of the House with a unanimous 98 – 0 vote on Wednesday. The bipartisan support should help us in the Senate. Our next step is to secure a hearing.

Department of Corrections

More good news! SB 5783, the bill that allows peace officers to assist the department of corrections with the supervision of offenders,  passed out of the Senate with a vote of 48 yeas – 0 nays – 1 excused. We now need a hearing in the House.

Alicia’s Law

Both Alicia’s Law bills (HB 1281 and SB 5215) passed out of their respective houses. The House version passed out with a 97 yeas – 0 nays – 1 excused and the Senate version passed out with 48 yeas – 0 nays. The sponsors are still working on the bills’ funding mechanisms.

 Bill Report

 Click here for the bill report. It shows all the priority bills we are currently tracking.

We appreciate your input and welcome suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments. We work for you and the greater input we get, the better we can represent you.

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