Memorial services, etc.

Graveside services for Colleen Zimnisky, recently passed wife of KCSO retired Lieutenant Larry Zimnisky, will be at 11:00AM on May 4th, 2010.  Washelli Cemetery 11111 Aurora Ave. No.  Seattle Washington.  All family and friends are invited to meet at the family home after the services. 26421 Somerset Lane, Kent Washington. 253 854 8765. (Kent west hill, between the Midway and So. 272 exits)

On April 3, 2010, retired King County Deputy Carl Holsted passed away.  He worked for KCSO for 21 years, mainly at the SE precinct.  Carl was 75 and had been married to Faye for 51 years.  There will be a memorial service celebrating his life on May 29th, 2:00 p.m. at the Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue.

Due to a TOTAL lack of response to Dave and Linda Bejarano’s offer to organize the annual Lake Mayfield RV get-together, anyone interested in attending should contact the resort themselves.  Lacking a group, a group rate would seem unlikely.  Several do plan on being there starting around June 10th, but nothing is organized.

John Kozar, one of our retired members brought to light a suggestion that retired officers would be valuable volunteers to monitor jail inmates’ phone calls.  In light of the events of the past several months, this might well be a valuable contribution we could each make.  Give it some thought and contact John at Kozar.J@comcast.net with your ideas.  He is working with command staff at Lacey PD to set up such a program there.

We certainly know what to listen for, can write up a good report, and might just save some current cop’s bacon.  Even a couple of 4 hour shifts a month by enough of us could have a considerable impact.

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