February 9th, 2010 meeting at 11:30 (WSRDSPOA)

The last message relative to the Westside meeting somehow deleted the first line of paragraph 3.  That included the date and time.


The lunch meeting is on February 9th, 11:30, at the Black Bear Diner in Federal Way, at 32015 Pacific Highway South. 


Additiionally, we are worrking at getting the ‘From:’ line to reflect MY e-mail as the sender rather than Don McCabe’s, but not as yet.  The website is not without it’s glitches, but we are progressing…


We’ve had a couple of people note that the prior message got dumped into their ‘Spam’ folder.  Most e-mail systems have a way to add the address to an approved list or merely add it to your address book to alleviate that problem.


Any questions, feel free to contact me at     sadsack@cheerful.com    Gerry Drake

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