the Hot Sheet

Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs
and Police Officers Association

P.O. Box 1805, Sumner, WA 98390

Website:  www.wsrdspoa.org 

APRIL 2015


Mike Clements, Richland PD

Vice Presidents

West: Ralph Waddle, King Co SO

East: Don McCabe, Spokane Co SO


Stan Reider, Lincoln Co SO


Tina Waddle, King County


Executive Board

West Members At Large:

Ron Johnston, Tukwila PD; Doug Partlow, Tukwila PD; Mike Chaney, Des Moines PD

East Members At Large:

Felix Ramon, Grant Co SO; Diane Erickson, Spokane Co SO; Dennis Hooper, Spokane PD


Meeting Schedules

 Puget Sound Area

2nd Tues. of the Month 11:00AM 

Black Bear Diner

32065 Pacific Hwy S

Federal Way, WA


Spokane County

Retired Sheriff Deputies, Employees and Spouses Association

1st Monday of the Month at 11:30AM 

 Darcy’s Restaurant

10502 E Sprague Ave.

Spokane Valley, WA




I am very honored to have been elected President of this great Association. I will do my best to fill the shoes of our Past President.

First, a little information about me for those who either don’t know me or know very little about me.

My career started in December of 1971 in Astoria, Oregon with the P.D. About 3 years later I was promoted to Patrol Sergeant.

In September of 1977 I was hired by the Richland Police department as an officer.

In the summer of 1979 my assignment changed. I was transferred to the Detective Division and I served in that capacity until about 1982. Not long after I was promoted to Corporal and assigned to a patrol squad.

In 1986 I was assigned to the canine unit and became a handler. I had my canine for 7 years, then, I was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. I served as handler/Sergeant until my canine was retired. I remained a patrol Sergeant until my (medical) retirement in 1998.

Mike Clements


It is not too early to start thinking about the 2015 Convention at the Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick, WA from September 17th, 18th & 19th.


Annual Convention

September 17-19, 2015

Columbia Sun RV Resort

103907 Wiser Parkway


855-833-3886 or 509-420-4880



I-82, 5 miles south & west of Kennewick

 Full hookups at every site

 Free Wi-Fi and Direct TV

 Picnic tables

 145 total sites on 25 beautiful acres

 70 large sites for Big Motor Coaches


When making a reservation, be sure to let the resort know you are attending the annual WSRDSPOA Convention or “The Old Cops”.  Fifty sites have been set aside for our group. That block of sites will be held until June 1. After that date, the remaining sites will be opened to the public.


John Beard the Convention Golf Coordinator informs us all that there will be nine holes of tournament golf played this year. This is an effort to attract more participants. For those that wish to play eighteen holes you may continue on after the first nine. If there are not enough members to hold a tournament, players will just enjoy the game. Please contact John at (509) 932-4081 or johnmyra@smwireless.net before Sept.10th for Tee Time and location.


There are accommodations nearby for those not planning to stay in a Recreational Vehicle. In order to receive a group rate from the hotels below, reservations must be made before August 1,

2015. Mention that you are with the WSRDSPOA or “The Old Cops”. Ten rooms have been set aside at each hotel.

Richland Holiday Inn Express 1970 Center Parkway, Richland, WA. (509) 737-8000 Contact Person is Heather Sheets. Our members have found that you can deal with a person at the Richland Holiday Express easier that going through the national number for a more personal experience. Explain that you are with “Old Cops” and that you would like the government rate which is shown to be $90 – $114 per night. Please reserve in advance.

Kennewick Super 8 626 North Columbia Center Blvd, Kennewick, WA. (509) 736-6888. Rates are about $62.23. Please Reserve in Advance for an additional 15% discount from their Government rate. Mention that you are with the “Old Cops”.



How do you get onto the website? Our website is:   www.wsrdspoa.org

You need a Username and I will assign one to you.

You also will be assigned a temporary Password.

After you login, we recommend that you to go to “Profile” and change your Password. Look for the Black Bar at top of the window – right side says “Howdy, …”  Now look to left side – it shows icon of “house & WSRDSPOA” – put mouse icon over WSRDSPOA – a drop-down window shows Dashboard – click on Dashboard.
Dashboard opens along left side – click on “Profile”.
Scroll down and make your changes – scroll to bottom and click on Blue box “Update Profile”.  That should do it. This should work for adding your picture too.

If you have any trouble getting on to the website or have any questions, email or call me. Don McCabe – email: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509 951-0399.



Your annual WSRDSPOA Dues are still $20.00 per year.

Please send your $20 check to:


P.O. Box 1805

Sumner, WA 98390

So how do I find my dues date?

For those who still receive the Hot Sheet via US Postal Service – check the mailing label for the year of your last dues payment.

In order to check your dues date, log onto the website – www.wsrdspoa.org

Look for the Black bar across the top. Go to ” Howdy, (Your name)” at top right. See Dropdown window.

Go to “Edit My Profile” & Click.

Scroll down and on the left side you should see “Member Dues” & Year.

If you see 2013 or 2014 you owe dues. If you see 2015 or higher – you do not owe dues. Yes, you can pay up a few years ahead, but five or ten years is not necessary.

Besides, it does not guarantee you will live that long.  (If you have trouble logging onto the website – please email me: don.mccabe41@gmail.com or call 509-951-0399)

As a last resort only, you can call or email our Treasurer Tina Waddle – 253-863-9188 or tew1215@hotmail.com and she will check her records.

With WA State Legislature in session, now is not the time to get cut off for not paying your dues. Those who have a dues date of 2013 will be cutoff by April 15, 2015.


 2015   W S R D S P O A


Officers: Executive Board West:
President – Mike Clements – 112 Ron Johnston – 111
VP West – Ralph Waddle – 115 Doug Partlow – 109
VP East – Don McCabe – 115 Mike Chaney – 61   Gary Lentz – 54
Secretary – Stan Reider – 115 Executive Board East:
Treasurer – Tina Waddle – 109 Felix Ramon – 110
Diane Erickson – 112
Dennis Hooper – 112



Mike Clements, Presidentjmclements_1@msn.com  or call (509)-521-2974 (C) (509)-545-6177

Ralph Waddle, Vice President West Sidedeputyduck2@comcast.net  or call (253) 863-9188 (C) (243) 241-0729

Don McCabe,Vice President East Side & Website Administratordon.mccabe41@gmail.com  or call (509) 951-0399

Stan Reider, Secretary: standyr@mail.asisna.com or call (509) 725-3721 (C) 509 721-0765

Tina Waddle, Treasurertew1215@hotmail.com  or call (253) 863-9188

Ronnie Johnston, West Side Executive Board Member:  r7t9@aol.com or call (206) 595-6819

Doug Partlow, West Side Executive Board Memberdougpart@aol.com or call (509) 698-4648

Mike Chaney, West Side Executive Board Member6dmike@comcast.net or call (206) 926-0760

Felix Ramon, East Side Executive Board Member:   framon2@dishmail.net or call (509) 762-5973

Diane Erickson, East Side Executive Board Memberderickson024@gmail.com or call (509) 255-9156

Dennis Hooper, East Side Executive Board Memberderickson024@gmail.com or call (509) 255-9156


Around the Beat:

We have heard from Eldred and Donna Nelson. They are living in assisted care in Yuma AZ. He is retired from the King County Sheriff’s department.

David and Cheryl Barnard retired from the King County Sheriff’s department. Dues paid.

John and Joann Simmons, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. John sent a note just to let us know the “weather is warm and sunny and NO snow. They now live in Florida.

Ron Amer said “thank you and hopes for a great year.” Ron is retired from the Yakima County Sheriff’s department.

John and Norma McGregor apologized for being tardy but says things are better now. He is retired Spokane County Sheriff’s Department.

Mr. and Mrs. Gil Ackerman, King County Sheriff’s department. Dues paid.

Marrian and Diane Peebles they say they farm 73 acres of apples and cherries in Chelan WA. He is retired from the Chelan P.D. as Chief.

Ken and Loretta Bennett. They were a little tardy but they have been on the road. Ken is retired from Spokane P.D.

J.J. and Melissa Jankauskas retired from Seattle P.D. They enjoy RVing, skiing, hiking, fishing and Grand Children.

Helen Maxwell’s spouse retired from Tukwila P.D. in 1976. She likes making jewelry, and she enjoys her son Robert, daughter Denise (in South Carolina) and her three grandsons and two great grandsons. She now lives in assisted living.

Leo Hursh retired from King County Sheriff’s and is survived by his wife Carolyn. She thanked us for all we do.

Robert Fox and wife Cheryl, retired Des Moines P.D. and they enjoy RC aircraft and travel.

We have two new associate members.

Zbigniew and Kareen Kasprzyk retired from King County SO. They have been married for 38 years and enjoy church activities, and enjoy their two daughters, camping, fishing, hunting, photography, and gardening. He is a LEOFF 2 member. Welcome aboard!!

The second new Associate is Douglas P Sundby and his wife Mary K. He is a PERS 1 member and retired from the Port of Seattle Police May 31 2002. Welcome aboard!! He was sponsored by Gary Fox.



receives her 25 Year Award. We are all concerned about Jenny retiring and who will replace her. She’s been very good for those retirees that are from King County or some of the smaller departments that do not have their own retirement/disability boards. She has done a great job for us.

On Monday April 20th, Jenny Chung, LEOFF1 Claims Specialist, will be honored for her 25th year with King County. The ceremony will take place in the Council Chambers on the 10th  floor of the King County Courthouse at 1:30PM. Jenny was hired by Jon McCracken, the chief financial officer for the Sheriff’s Office on January 29, 1990.

Jenny started out in the medical field in 1976 when she became a member of the Taiwan National Biochemical Defense Military Forces being posted with the commensurate military rank of Captain after graduating from college in Taiwan. She was assigned for duty to a reinforced military bunker built underneath a cottage belonging to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan. She immigrated to the United States and settled in Seattle in 1982.

She was working for a clinic in Seattle when she was hired to manage the LEOFF1 program in King County. She has been the only person in that position for 25 years. She started out with 200 LEOFF 1 retirees and today has 284 retired members. Except for one occasion when she was granted permission to attend a LEOFF 1 conference at her own expense her expertise is based on her prior knowledge, experience and skills that she acquired before being hired. She relies on her initiative to keep current with all of the changes and advances in the medical field to keep current on her job. She transferred to Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations on January 1, 2012. The LEOFF1 program was later reassigned to the Benefits Office to be reconstituted in her new assignment.

Her new assignment is complimented by the professional staff and supervisors in Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations experienced in the administration and management of medical benefits.

With an ever increasing and demanding workload Jenny continues to exercise sound financial management with a commitment to deliver services that meets and exceeds the standards of efficiency, quality and customer service. She has been complimented for her performance by her new supervisors that recognize what being attentive and friendly without compromising the integrity of her fiduciary duty toward building the County’s fiscal strength can do to quickly resolve complex issues in the medical claims and benefits system. Jenny’s award for being recognized by the County is well deserved.



(Help Needed)

Since Joe Dawson has retired, we are at a loss for members willing to contribute articles to the Hot Sheet.  If anyone likes to write, one article per month, we would be happy to put it into the Hot Sheet.(Within reason)  We need anything law enforcement related.  Keep in mind, the more information that we have, the more frequently we can publish the Hot Sheet.  Also, any pictures of meetings or parties can be included in the email nd website versions.  The USPS (snail mail) version is black & white and usually no pictures.