2009 Sep-Nov Hot Sheet

2009 Sep-Nov Hot Sheet


Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers Association

P.O. Box 1805, Sumner, WA  98390


Email:  oldcops@juno.com Website: www.wsrdspoa.org    Telephone: 1-800-826-1974

Sep-Nov,  2009


Joe Dawson

King County SO

Vice Presidents


Ralph Waddle

King County SO


Earl Brown

Spokane County SO


Joyce Dawson

King County


Tina Waddle

King County

Executive Board


Gerry Drake

King County SO

Doug Partlow

Tukwila P.D.


Don McCabe

Spokane County SO

John McGregor

Spokane County SO




Puget Sound Area


The 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn Coho Room


Dec 8th Doors open 5 P.M.

Dinner at 6 P.M.

Jan. 12 11:30 A.M.


Spokane County

Deputy Sheriffs and Dept. Members Retired Group


The first Monday of the month 11:30AM.

Marie Callenders

Spokane Valley



The 2009 WSRDSPOA Convention was once again a good time.  Both informative and a time when old friendships were confirmed.  Our speaker Joe Fischnaller enlightened us with the activities of our retirement system and has encouraged us to be aware of what goes on in government that could affect us.  Once again Mike Clements our Convention Chair, K.C. Clements, Sharon Mann, John Beard and the rest of Mike’s helpers that put on another good time.  I understand that a lot of the ladies have a new appreciation for the game of Bunco at the lady’s luncheon. Some nice prizes and lots of fun.


   A Short presentation was made by the LEOFF I. Coalition.  Then Mark Curtis made a presentation of a gold commemorative coin to Dan Downs, LEOFF 1 Education Association. a group that concentrates on providing information to individuals serving on the various Disability Boards. Their focus is on keeping board members up to date on the requirements and developments in administering medical benefits. The group has conducted periodic seminars to educate LEOFF 1 members of their rights to benefits under LEOFF 1 Law.  On Friday during the Banquet Don Daniels LEOFF I Coalition representative made a presentation of a Gold commemorative Coin to Joe Fischnaller for his time and effort to the coalition.  Both Dan Downs and Joe Fischnaller have provided their skills and services tirelessly to LEOFF 1 Members and often at their own expense.


   The By-laws of our association were updated and new copies were issued to the Executive Board Members.  There’s nothing really new in this update.  It was just a matter of including a few of the changes that have been made over the few past years.  Then again, we added the date of each page’s printing so that we can change only the affected page in the future.  Hopefully this will shorten up the process for the next group of association executives.  My thanks goes out to the executive board members for their assistance and a special thanks to Ron Johnston, retiree from Tukwila P.D. for his assistance in editing out a lot of confusing language.  Next will be the updated alignment of the Association S.O.P.’s for the next Executive Board.


   This arrangement of me writing the “Around the Beat “ and “New Members” columns hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be.  I’ve had to make a few corrections in this issue and you’ll find them as you read the various columns.  I’m glad you interact with me when you find something that’s incorrect.  Joyce, the secretary, (and my real boss) checks my work, but as many of you know nothing is perfect.  You have my apologies.


   There will be information regarding the various items the association has for their members and there are other items that are for sale in this issue.  Fair Warning!  I’m going to buy some of these items myself and with any luck I can find someone with a smaller waistline to model them for the Hot Sheet, or maybe just a picture of an article of clothing once in a while in the newsletter.


   For those who have called 1-800-826-1974 and have written to the Juno.com email site, I assure you that I haven’t forgotten you.  It’s just that personal issues have been in the forefront.


   Something new in this issue.  We’ve been contacted by a LEOFF 1 Fire Department retiree involved in selling a dental insurance plan.  While we don’t usually accept solicitations to advertise in the Hot Sheet and we do not accept payment for advertisements, we realize that there may be a need for these services for some of our members.




Joe Dawson


    “Hello everyone, my name is Chad Kauranen and I am the ‘Bear-guy’ in Washington State.  These are the ORIGINAL stickers from days past… the old one’s that were about the size of your shoe!  (no blue or green any more).  I am a former Police officer/ Sheriffs Deputy and have been operating the BEAR program for about 6 years now.  I have two distinct colors for purchase.  The first is the gray/ retired BEAR and the second is the black/ active duty BEAR.  ALL BEARs are $4.00 each.  Orders over 10 are pay first please.  All remaining proceeds are sent annually to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  For purchases and inquiries contact me at DMPDBEARS@HOTMAIL.COM or via P.O. Box 637, Burley, WA.  98322-0637.  Thanks and Semper Fi!”

Ed. Note  These decals may be just the answer for those with heavily tinted windows.  It might take some further education to inform those in other states of what the decals mean.Sticker2


The above style window decals can be obtained from the Association by contacting the WSRDSPOA at the  P.O.  Box (listed on the front page).  They come in two styles; an inside window decal which is free or an outside decal for those with dark tinted windows that cost $1.00





The Association now has Challenge coins for sale.  The coins were designed over a period of time by Bob McQueen retired Tukwila P.D. with input from Gerry Drake and our Secretary Joyce Dawson.  The final product is spectacular.  If you would like to order a coin or coins, contact the Gerry Drake at email Sadsack@cheerful.com .  If you do not have email call 1-800-826-1974.  Leave a message and we will relay to Gerry.  Pre-payment is requested so that more can be ordered.  At $5.00 each they are a good deal.




Ball caps are  available through the P.O. Box address.  There has been a change in the caps because of a supplier reliability problem.  The change is that there will be no contrasting trim on the formed visor or buttons.  The embroidery is outstanding and the caps are still $10.  They both look good in both blue or green.


STITCHWERKS (Note, spelling is a little different)

Owner: Claudia,

E-Mail: chauben@earthlink.net

Tele: (702) 218-6814

Location: 2273 Nashville Ave., Henderson, NV. 89052

 (A) Jackets, includes WSRDSPOA embroidered logo, $20.00

 (B) T-Shirts, $15.00

 (C) Sweatshirts, 16 to $20.00


 1. Prices above include S, M, L, XL, 1XL.    Larger size, 2XL  add $2.00, and 3XL add $3.00.

2.  All items are either Green (Sheriff), Blue (Local Police) or color as requested when ordering from Claudia.

3.  Please indicate either Gold or Silver embroidery when ordering.  Names can be added for $5.00 when ordered.

4.  Shipping can either be by UPS for $11.00, Reg. mail, $6 to $10

Fischnaller Wins in Moses Lake Case

By Jerry Taylor, LEOFF1.NET Published 10/24/2009

   The trial of Swisher v City of Moses Lake has been completed. The judge ordered Moses Lake to pay all bills approved by the Disability Board and awarded attorneys fees and costs to the plaintiff. Additionally, the court issued an injunction effective at the end of the thirty day appeal period. The injunction orders them to pay all future necessary medical expenses approved by the Disability Board. While always possible, an appeal is not expected.

   The case did clarify that Disability Boards should classify approved medical bills as “medically necessary”. Since the board had not included that notation in their records, some trial time was spent establishing that that was the board’s intent.  Kudos to Joe Fischnaller for another job well done.  Ed. Note: At present, the final judgment has not been written and filed by the Judge.

Medical Benefits

By Jerry Taylor, LEOFF1.NET

   The LEOFF 1 Medical Benefits Study Group met on August 25, 2009.   This meeting was the third meeting in Phase 2 of the study. Phase 1 consisted of developing a “fact book” that could generally be accepted by all committee members as an accurate representation of the LEOFF 1 pension plan. The group spent slightly over a year developing that information and the book was finished and released on July 3rd.

   The August 25th meeting produced no solution to the problem faced by a few cities, counties and fire districts in meeting their LEOFF 1 medical obligations.
In quick review, the group generally agreed to the following:
The LEOFF 1 Pension Benefit Trust is not available as a funding source.  The local governments are not prepared to ask for any special fees or taxing authority to assist them in meeting the obligation. The political realities simply prohibit seeking any new taxes.  The best available option is the development of some sort of insurance pool in which all interested jurisdictions can participate and thereby develop a better group rate for coverage.

   No consideration is being given to the consolidation of Disability Boards.   The August 25th meeting essentially closed Phase 2 and the study. The group agreed that it would not meet again unless some issue or proposal developed. A tentative meeting was set for March of 2010 to review and possible legislation developed in the upcoming session.
This was an interesting meeting as we had presentations from Matt Smith, the State Actuary and Dennis Martin of the State Healthcare Authority. Matt Smith reviewed the financial status of the pension plan and Dennis Martin discussed insurance plans available under the Public Employee Benefit Board.  The two presentations revealed that the LEOFF 1 pension plan is “healthy” but facing difficult times if the economy and financial markets do not recover within a reasonable period. Also, we determined that while the PEBB insurance plan is less costly than many of the commercially available options, it is not generally available to government agencies for LEOFF 1 medical benefit coverage. Additionally the only long-term care option available is the standard John Hancock plan.
The report from Matt Smith was interesting but it clearly revealed that there is little chance that the Pension Benefit Trust will ever again be an attractive target for the AWC or other groups seeking to utilize pension surpluses for medical benefits.

Calling All Buglers

The Tahoma National Cemetery Bugler Corps is looking for a few good men and women to honor our nation’s fallen heroes.  Debbie Dawson, spouse of Tom Dawson (brother to Joe Dawson), has been playing Taps at Tahoma since 2007.  Currently she plays twice a month on her days off from the Edmonds Police Department.  Debbie says that this is a small way to say thanks to our veterans when they are laid to rest.  In 2009, a very dedicated Bugler and Marine Corp Veteran passed away leaving five days a month uncovered in the schedule.  As a member of our law enforcement family, Debbie thought there could be some retired law enforcement folks that might have a trumpet, coronet, or bugle sitting in the back of a closet just looking for a place to play.  As a former band director and accomplished trumpet player, she is willing to give you a few tune-up lessons if you are willing to consider being a part of the team.

By law, most veterans are entitled to military funeral honors, consisting of the folding and presentation of our nation’s flag and the sounding of Taps.  The active services do not have enough Buglers to fulfill every request and an electronic recording of Taps is often used.  The Bugler Corps supporting Tahoma National Cemetery, in Kent, WA, is committed to providing a live Bugler whenever possible.  We need additional volunteers to help with this mission.  We ask for a commitment of at least one day a month.  Contact Bernie Moskowitz, Bugler Chairman, at 206-772-6285 for further details.

   Ed. Note:  Pardon my false pride but Debbie is an accomplished musician.  She also was the “Echo Bugler at the recent ceremony for the murdered Seattle Police Officer, Timothy Brenton.  If you are interested and have the skill to perform this needed duty and would like to contact Debbie you may instead contact her through the Association’s 1-800 number



The Retired Fire Fighters of Washington now sponsors a Washington Dental Service dental plan for retired Fire Fighters and Law Officers.  This dental plan is also available to all retired city or county employees.  This dental plan is available regardless of when you retired.  The beginning date of the contract will be January 1, 2010.

Please take note, if you enroll for a start date of January 1, 2010 any waiting periods are waived.   Enrollment forms and two months payments must be received prior to December 10, 2009.  Enrollment forms received after this date will have a February 1, 2010 effective date and Class III benefits (crowns, bridges, dentures,etc.) will be subject to a one year waiting period.

Independent studies have proven that maintaining good oral health contributes to good overall health of the entire body and those that have a dental plan are much more inclined to go to the dentist.  Get enrolled now and get those semi annual cleanings and exams.  They are important

Don Jacobson, (253) 862-2122

Website, Executive Board Meeting

A quarterly WSRDSPOA executive board meeting was held in Ellensburg as required by our by-laws. Items on the agenda included introductions of our replacement executive board members that will fill in until the next election scheduled for the end of 2010, our website problem and Executive Member Don McCabe undertook the responsibility of finding a website designer and getting the Association back on the web.  This is important to us because it allows active members access to information and for potential members to find out who we are and information on joining the association.  We are hoping to have past issues of the Hot Sheet, member contact information, an WSRDSPOA application form to join, and information about who are and what we do.  Several sections will be unsecured and then the rest will be accessed by password only. Look for further information in the Hot Sheet.

W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A. Website Designer Located

Executive Don McCabe has located a website designer and is presently working through the process of getting out website up and running.  I may take a bit of time and effort but the product will please the majority of us.  The executive board voted unanimously to fund the project.  This will require some time by those involved to place those sections in the website that we need.  After it is up and running we are hoping that the membership with computers will check in for announcements and information that may require the assistance of our membership.  Additionally those with computers can pass information to those without computers.  This will be a very important asset to our Association.  We will start informing you as soon as we are operational.

Yuma Party Hosted by Bob and Shirley Andrews

Apparently Bob Andrews was described as not having his annual party because of illness.

Bob and Shirley want everyone to know that his health issues have been grossly overstated.  He plans on having a party on the first Tuesday of March.  Everyone is invited for a good time.  Our address is 12131 E. Via Loma Vista, Yuma, AZ; Telephone (928) 345-1487.


On Tuesday, December 8th, we will have the monthly meeting of the WSRDSPOA at the Muckleshoot Casino.  It is a dinner meeting with Salmon, Chicken, salads and such, and dessert buffet at 6:00 in the Coho Room.  They will open the room for us at 5:00.  We have been quoted $18.50 per person, including gratuity.


For those that might not know, Dave passed away on November 19th from cancer.  Dave Lium’s family would like to invite you to a celebration of his life, Sunday, December 6th, from 2:00 until 4:00.  It will be a potluck if you are inclined, and will be at the Tukwila Community Center, 12424 42nd Ave S.  …    This is a big complex in Allentown, next to the old Allentown Market.


I’ve made more than a few mistakes in my rambling reports about members recently.  Please forgive the errors, I’m new at this.  Further, we have Gerry Drake as the new around the beat and new members reporter.  Hopefully he will do a better job than me.

Matt Tighe was reported as being a Seattle Police Officer.  Guess what?  Matt became a King County Deputy, just like his father and I spoke about when he graduated from the regional academy as a Seattle Officer.

   I fouled up the email address on Dave Paul’s riddle. Sorry Dave.  Too late now to fix the problem.  I know there were others.  I’m Sorry.

A message from Dick Marifjeren or is this a lesson?

I thought I’d drop you  a line or two and let you know about my recent big adventure.  On Thursdsay, about 7:30 PM , I felt a pain in my chest.  At first  it didn’t seem too bad.  Then I felt it in my left arm.  Still, it wasn’t too bad, so I went home and took an aspirin.  The pain went away, and I didn’t think any more about it- after all, at our age, if we went to the doctor about every little ache, we’d never get anything done.   On Friday, right  after breakfast,  the pain returned.  This time, I went to see my doctor.    When the smoke cleared later that day,  I was the proud owner of not one, but two stents to prop open the heart artery that was 99% blocked.  Fortunately for me, there is no heart muscle damage, but I think I’ll be having some lifestyle  changes in my immediate  future…….    In summary, if it hurts, see your doctor.  Sincerely, Dick Marifjeren


Ray Vandelac, King County S.O. Has had a knee replacement.  He says within a few hours he wanted the old one back. After is rehabilitation and clearance by the doctors he’s on his way to Yuma.  He says he hopes the grass on the golf course will remember him and “Certainly my clubs will remember As  they will once again be bruised”.  Update!  Ray and Punkie just arrived in Yuma!  You are no longer safe on the golf courses there.

 Mike Clements, Retired Richland P.D. and his wife ,K.C. have once again provided our association with assistance at the Annual Convention.  Mike enjoys golf, hunting and fishing.  Thanks Mike and K.C.

Dick Mollner, Medina P.D.  Is dealing with some health problems that required weeks of radiation.  Said he didn’t notice that he hadn’t kept his dues up to date.  Heck!  Dick!  That kind of therapy keeps everybody too busy to worry about the minor things.  Thanks for the note and we are all wishing for you to keep up the fight and get well soon.

Bob Combs , Kirkland P.D. says “Sorry my due are late.  Guess I left my memory in my uniform pocket.”  Stick around Bob.  It gets worse. Ask anybody that’s older than you.

Bob Hutchinson, King County, Just caught his dues up.  Says “Joe” should have reminded him last time I was up at Canyons for the lunch there.  Bob, I would have reminded you but it was all I could do to count out the change from selling the hats at the Canyon’s get-together.  I was overloaded.

John Simmonds, Spokane Co. S.O. Says Keep up the good work.  We’re trying John thanks for the kind words.

Karna Town, Surviving Spouse of Jack Town, King Co. S.O. Says she misses Jack, but the family is doing well.  Karna, We all miss Jack.  Glad to hear you are all doing well.

Pat (PJ) Benner, King Co. S.O. reports Alice and their boys Ken and Brian are all doing great.  His knee was replaced two years ago and he’s glad he finally had the surgery.  They bought some property on Lake Cushman 31 yrs ago and spent five years building their cabin there, mostly on the weekends.  Now they spend lazy afternoons floating around the lake enjoying the beauty of the area on their newly purchase pontoon boat.  Sounds good Pat, you deserve the best.

Dave Lium, King County S.O. passed away, the evening of Nov 19th, after a battle with cancer.  Dave was active with the group in Yuma and will be missed by many.  There will not be a ceremony  His wife Carol has been by his side over this long, sad, battle.  Stay active with us Carol.  You know that we care.

John Morey’s wife Marion reports that John passed away after several months of illness.  Marion is doing well with great support from family and friends.  John was a retiree from Richland P.D.  She’s continuing her W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A. membership.

Dave Schurr, Auburn P.D. commented on missing Bill Stockham.  While Bill served as Auburn P.D. Chief, Dave was an Auburn P.D. Capt.  They had a good time working together.  That was the good part about working with Bill.  He worked with you.  Dave sent in a contribution for LEOFF1 Coalition Thanks for the kind words Dave, The money was forwarded to the Coalition

Gene Bells, retired Chief of Dayton P.D. Reports that Patti his wife passed away after a long illness.  Patti spent 22 years as a dispatcher with Dayton P.D. and San Juan County S.O.  We are sorry for your loss.


Edris Ralls, Associate Member from Pasco is enjoying square dancing and family.

Dave Hughes, King County S.O., wrote to say that he’s had a radical appendectomy and the removal of a tumor  along with 6 months of chemo.  He was clear as of Oct. so they just keep check and hoping.  He had a lot going on and forgot to pay his dues.  You can rest easy Dave, you are paid through 2010.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy King Co. S.O.is still crabbing and fishing on the southern Oregon coast.  Successfully so.  We’ve seen pictures.

Tom & Debbie Pritchard, King Co. S.O. just returned from a 14 day cruise after spending 3 days in London.  They visited Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar then onto Rome, Florence, Monaco and Monte Carlo (where they doubled their money in the casino). They had a great time.  Now it’s on to their winter home in Yuma.

Kathy Quackenbush, Associate Member, worked in the King County Crime Lab and then onto Tacoma P.D. occasionally.  She recently assisted at a bank burglary for San Juan Co. S.O.  Kathy is a very talented criminalist.  Glad to see her at the functions she attends with us.

Chuck and Donna Nelson, King Co. S.O.  Still in Yuma and loving it.  They traveled several times this summer to Laughlin, NV to give the gambling machines a little workout and then went on a trip to Gilroy to the Garlic Festival.  Chuck says “now it’s back to the humdrums of golf, taking their 3 classic cars to the car shows and all of the other good stuff that they do in Yuma.  (Poor Guy!  All that work he does—shining those cars up).  Uh-oh!  Just in they are on yet another cruise!

Karl Kastner Pierce Co. saddened us with the news that his wife passed away peacefully at home with her family after a year-long battle with Cancer on October 21..  Our condolences go out to the family and to Karl.  No words can express the sadness we share.

Joe Bays, Retired King County S.O. has reported that Sue, his  wife past away.  Like most of us would be, Joe is lost without Sue.  All we can suggest is to hang out with your family and us, your other family.  We are sorry for your loss Joe.

John and Myra Beard, King Co. S.O.  John has been in and out of the hospital many times.  It seems everytime they solve one cancerous problem they find another.  He’s been finally cleared by doctors hopefully for the last time  they have shown good faith and a great, positive attitude.  Now they are heading for a good winter vacation in Lake Havasu.


Jerry Lane, King Co. S.O.  Jerry teaches Criminal Justice  classes at Lynchburg, VA Community College.  He’s interested in photography, boating, canoeing, dancing, and is active with family and grandkids here in WA.

Ray Vandelac, Retired King County S.O.  Living in Montana with wife Punkie during the good weather and heading south to Yuma for the winter.  They love to explore new places, fishing biking, golf, sun college football (U of MT Grizzlies and seeing old friends and making new ones.  Sponsored by Lee Hahn, Dick Engstrom, Joe  Dawson and Tom Pritchard

Owen Ken Hall, Retired Renton P.D. and his Wife Jane DiJulio-Hall have joined us.  They enjoy travel, and jewelry making

Al Patterson, Chaplin for Tukwila P.D. has joined us.  Sponsored by Ray Sandvold, King Co. S.O. Welcome!

Don Daniels, Retired Seattle P.D.  Don is a former member of the Washington  State Law Enforcement Memorial Fund Board Member and is currently serving on the LEOFF I Coalition Board.  Don spends many hours of his time assisting both current law enforcement officers and retirees through his efforts.  It is good to see him at functions when he has the time to attend.  Don and Vi (for Violet) live in the Edmonds area.

Jim Laing, King Co. S.O., has finally retired!  Jim and his wife Maureen live in the Seattle area.  He says he’s loving retirement.  (It’s about time).

Mike Hatch King Co. S.O. retired as a LEOFF II has joined us as an Associate Member. He likes boating, fishing,, RVing and riding his Harley.  It’s good to see the LEOFF II guys and gals joining us for the fellowship we all shared while working.  We hope to see Mike and wife Sheila at meetings and outings in the future.

Pam Bailey retired from the King Co. S.O. Dispatch Center.  She’s joined us as an Associate Member.  Sponsored by Ralph Waddle., King Co. S.O.

2010 W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A.


Today’s Date  ______________

NAME __________________________________________ SPOUSE _______________________

ADDRESS _______________________ CITY ___________________STATE ___ ZIP ___________

Phone (____) ____-_______  Retired from (dept.) _________________________________________________

Retirement Date _____________    LEOFF I ____ Surviving Spouse ________ Associate Member __________

Hobbies, Activities, Comments about family etc:




E-mail address ____________________________________

  I agree ___ to add my  e-mail address to the association directory which lists only Name, e-mail, and Dept .

Sponsored by: _____________________________________

New member ____ Annual dues payment:____  $20.00—Payable January 1st each year.

 ____ Associate Member : $20.00  NOTE—Associate members must be approved by the Executive Board

Make checks payable to W.S.R.D.S.P.O.A. Mail to:  P.O. Box 1805; Sumner, WA  98390

Questions?  Send e-mail to  oldcops@juno.com  or a letter to the above address, or call 1-800-826-1974 (we will return your call.)

Not a member yet? Start your emrollment here!


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